Server Features

Server specific specifications.

Server Specs

AydaaCraft is hosted in Sydney, Australia. Our host provides us with unlimited storage & CPU power

Restart times

AydaaCraft is designed to restart every 2 days at the time time, This is to ensure that the server ram is refreshed and performance is maintained and stable throughout the day, but wont restart over weekends. Australian Times.

Server chat

The server chat is constantly in sync with our Discord Server, you can chat on the go with your friends or see achievements, deaths and Land creations without logging in to Minecraft.

Minecraft Gamerules

Keep inventory is off and Fire Tick is off


Force resourcepack is enabled, meaning you have to accept the resourcepack to play. The resourcepack is packed with all our custom items, Blocks, Server GUI's, Mobs, Sounds and server icons, but won't change your textured blocks, items or other GUIs. Resourcepack is designed to only change modden server side stuff to make it more appealing, aiming to never replace your equipped resourcepack. If you have issues with the resourcepack, please let us know on our Discord.

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