What is a Nation?

A Nation is a collection of lands. A land owner can create a nation by executing /Nations create <name>. This land will be the capital of the nation. Once the nation is created, the nation can invite other lands to join them.

Land and Nation Upkeep

Lands that are part of a nation will no longer pay upkeep to the server, but instead to the nation they're part of. The nation however, can configure how much upkeep lands of their nation need to pay to them. Also the nation needs to pay upkeep to the server. That means that setting a upkeep on their lands may be crucial to pay the upkeep costs for the nation to the server. The nation can configure the upkeep on the lands in their nation menu. The nation menu can be opened by executing /Nations. If you're part of multiple lands and you want to edit a nation a different nation, execute /Lands edit <land> to let the /Nations command be executed for this specific land.

Nations in Wars

Nations can declare war against other nations, like lands, by executing Wars declare <land or nation>. All lands in the nation will fight in this war. If a player, is part two of lands that are not in the same nation, the player will join the team in which they are part of the most lands. In this case lands, they own will be prioritized. Depending on your servers configuration, a single land can also declare war against a whole nation.

Nation Levels

A nation can level up by various factors which depend on your servers setup. Levels will reward you and your nation members with more claims and other benefits. You can view the level of your current nation by executing /Nations and the clicking on the statistics item.

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