Enchantment types

List of possible enchants on Elite Weapons

Critical Strikes

Critical Strikes give a chance to double the damage dealt to an Elite Mob.

Each level of Critical Strike increases the critical strike chance by 10% (10% for level 1, 20% for level 2).

Procedurally generated items cap off at level 2 by default.


The drilling enchantment is an enchantment for pickaxes. It allows pickaxes and shovels using it to mine blocks in a radius to the block getting mined. The higher the level of the enchantments, the higher the radius of blocks affected.

The levels range between 1 and 5, with 1 additional block getting mined at level 1 and 9 additional blocks getting mined at level 5. Only blocks of the same type will be mined in that radius.

Elite Protection/Sharpness/Power/Bane of Arthropods/Smite/...

Elite Protection/Sharpness/Power/Bane of Arthropods/Smite/... increases level of a vanilla enchantment but only applies this special value when fighting against elites.

Items only start gaining Elite enchantments once they've gone over the vanilla limits of the enchantment level (as an example, vanilla protection caps off at level 4). All subsequent levels are increased by 1, meaning that an item with protection 5 and elite protection 10 will count as a protection 15 armor for Elite Mobs, but will only count as a protection 5 armor for any other mob.

These enchantments only apply when fighting against mobs from Elite, and do not apply in pvp or when fighting other mobs.


Any item with the Flamethrower enchantment is capable of firing a jet of flames to damage mobs in the direction it's been fired.

Upon right clicking to activate this enchantment, the player becomes unable to move for the duration of the effect.

Using the Flamethrower enchantment uses up the durability of the item.

This custom enchantment can never damage players for balance reasons.


The Hunter enchantment increases the percentage of mobs around a player with that enchantment which get converted into Elites, effectively increasing the amount of Elite Mobs that spawn around a player.

The conversion rate per level is configurable, and each subsequent level will increase the conversion rate by that amount. The maximum enchantment level for the hunter enchantment is level 3.

Ice Breaker

The Ice Breaker enchantment allows any item to freeze water on hit. It is recommended that you only add it to pickaxes.

The Ice Breaker enchantment can have up to two levels. On the first level, the pickaxe will only freeze the block hit. On the second, it will freeze it and the immediately adjacent blocks.

The second level enchantment can be used to create tunnels under the ocean.


The Earthquake enchantment makes a player do a big jump when sneaking twice while wearing the boots, and knocks mobs back when the player lands.

Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook enchantment when applied to bows makes players able to grapple on to target blocks when shooting any kind of arrow.


The Lightning enchantment works in a way similar to the critical strikes enchantment, but deals 2.5x damage in a 2.5 block diameter and spawns a lightning strike. The chance of a lightning enchantment triggering is very low.

Loud Strikes

The Loud Strikes enchantment increases the aggro on hit for entities spawned by EliteMobs. Elites and bosses usually target the player that dealt the most damage, but this enchantment allows tanks to keep the mob's attention even if they are not the highest damage. This is used for traditional MMORPG tanking roles.

Plasma Boots

The Plasma Boots enchantment, when double shifting, makes players do a short jump and then spawns green particles in every direction which damage entities if they get hit by them. This uses up the durability of the boots.

Summon Merchant

The Summon Merchant enchantment summons Jeeves. This is done by right clicking the item (this is usually just a paper), or saying "Jeeves!" on chat. Summoning Jeeves uses up the item with the enchantment.

Summon Wolf

The Summon Wolf enchantment summons a friendly wolf when shift + right clicking the floor with the item in hand. The wolf has a level calculated based on the player's equipment and despawns after 2 minutes. It can not be tamed.

There is a 1/1000 chance of spawning Snoopy when summoning a wolf. Snoopy is far more powerful than normal wolves.

Using the Summon Wolf enchantment uses up the item used for the summoning.


The Unbind enchantment is used in the Unbind scroll as the required enchantment for the unbind menu / npc. An unbinding scroll can be acquired from the Lv200 Ender Dragon arena or from a rare drop from a loot box


The Soulbind enchantment links all EliteMobs loot to the players the loot drops for. This means that each player gets their own reward from killing an Elite Mob, making sharing loot a non-issue.

Players are unable to pick up loot that isn't soulbound to them from the floor. They are able to pick it up from chests, but are unable to equip them in combat, meaning that they can only really be carried around. This is so players don't accidentally clog up each other's chests with unmovable items. Additionally, players can only sell items soulbound to them.

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