Everything you need to know about survival mode on AydaaCraft

Spawning in!

To get started in survival first you'll spawn in the Spawn Village, there is a collection of shops (or npc's) that can assist you along the way. A map will be provided below

Picture here of spawn village.

Picture Key here...

Getting Started

We'll come back to these NPC's later, First you can either type /worlds or /tprandom or Right Click on the [World Selector] npc to find a randomly selected area on the map. Once teleported you can start using your tools to contruct your base and well... Play Minecraft... To protect your land read here

Surviving mobs and gaining armor

When you first kill a mob and start to equip armor, You'll be introduced to mobs with names above their heads with a number, These are Elites and they come with their own dedicated section detailing stuff here.

More things will be added here eventually.

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