Dungeon Types

what are the different types of dungeons available?

Open dungeons

Open dungeons are always open to all players. This means that any amount of players can enter the dungeon at any time to fight the same bosses. This is great for casual grouping up and farming, but can be complicated due to respawn timers.

What's a Lair?

Lairs are a type of small dungeon which focuses on one big boss fight.

The structure: Lairs are usually restricted to a build around a big combat arena, and are the smallest size category.

The fights: Players are expected to group up in groups of 5 to challenge the boss, as they are usually very challenging.

What's a Minidungeon?

Minidungeons are a type of medium sized dungeon which usually contains 3-15 minibosses and a big boss, as well as a lot of "trash" mobs which are meant to be "farmed" for coins and gear by players.

The structure: The smallest minidungeons are the size of large ships, and the largest minidungeon can be quite expansive maps with hundreds of mobs roaming around for fights.

The fights: Minidungeons can be solo'd by veteran players, but groups of 2-3 players are recommended.

What's an Adventure?

Adventures are full adventure maps. They include quests lines, npcs, large amounts of minibosses and bosses and can even contain their own arenas or dungeons inside of them.

The structure: These are always very large maps with dozens of large builds split off into different zones. They can also include secondary and tertiary worlds for several reasons.

The fights: Adventures can be solo'd by veteran players, but grouping up another player is recommended.

Instanced dungeons

Instanced dungeons are dungeons that create worlds as needed, allowing server to run as many simultaneous fights for as many players as necessary. It is the best option to create hard but fair content, and is the least exploitable type of content.


Sanctums are the equivalent of instanced Lairs. This means that they focus around one huge boss fight. This is the hardest type of Elite content, especially for the harder difficulties.

The structure: These are usually small maps but can have very dynamic combat arenas. They are usually focused around a single large room.

The fights: Supposed to be fought by 5 players. At the highest difficulties, this is the hardest content there is.


Dungeons are the equivalent of instanced Minidungeons. This is the most traditional MMORPG type of dungeon, where players team up and go through a gauntlet of trash mobs and minibosses to fight a final boss.

The structure: These are usually medium-sized maps, larger than minidungeons but much smaller than Adventures.

The fights: Supposed to be fought by teams of 5, harder than open dungeons but easier than Sanctums.


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Arenas are wave-based survival areas in which players get rewarded for defeating waves. The arenas usually have some lore around them.

The structure: Arena-sized and arena-shaped.

The fights: Can be solo'd, but can be challenged by up to 5 players.

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