Fishing Skills

level up your skills with special enhancements
Skills are divided into two groups.
  1. 1.
    Upgradable skills
  2. 2.
    One Time purchase skills
Upgradable skills cost Skill points to upgrade and gain diminishing returns with the more points you put into them
One time purchase skills cost a set amount of Skill Points but are unlocked forever. These skills level up based on your total Fishing level.
Upgradable Skills
Better Gutting
Luck of the Catch
Master Augmenter
Totem Leader
This skill give you more Entropy from Gutting Fish
Note: This skill does not stack with Precision Cutting and is calculated independently.
This skill give you more Entropy from catching fish.
Note: This bonus is calculated independently from other sources that give bonus entropy from catching fish.
This skill reduces the cost to craft Fishing Augments.
This skill reduces your Totem cooldown when catching a fish
Note: This skill doesn not stack with augments that give you bonus fish, eg. Hot Spot
One time Purchases (Costs 15 Skill points each)
Divine Judgement
Tribal Shout
Combo Catcher
Augment Infusion
This Skill gives a chance to summon a divine strike that causes a Tsunami. Fishing in a tsunami doubles all fish caught within its radius.
Note: Multiple Tsunamis from the same player cannot co-exist. Other players can benefit from your tsunami. Hot Spot and similar effects do not stack with this.
This skill gives nearby players inside of your Fishing Totem a percentage of the total effects.
Note: This skill and totem effects cannot stack or overlap. Your own totem will take president over others. (If you are inside your own and another players). The owner does NOT lose the original buff.
This skill increases a combo that increases your chance to catch rarer fish. Higher the skill level, the higher the combo can get.
Note: The maximum combo scales with the level. Every 20 catches is roughly equal to 10 levels of Master Fisherman Augment.
Not catching a fish for 30 seconds resets your combo. The Current Combo stat will update so you can track your current combo.
This skill has a chance to refund some of the items used in augment crafting
Note: The percentage is calculated individually from each item used in the recipe. (See Augments).
Eg. 5% refund would have a 5% chance per item used. If an item is refunded, 50% of the material used is refunded regardless of chance.
If you would like to reset and reallocate your points to other skills, Click on the enchanted book in the Skills gui, (Costs 50'000 Entropy) But will give you back all your earnt skill points.