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/lands Description: Open the menu.
/lands claim Description: Claim chunks.
/lands create Description: Create a land.
/lands accept <land> Description: Accept invites.
/lands chat [land] <message> Description: Chat with land.
/lands delete Description: Delete your land.
/lands deny Description: Deny invite.
/lands deposit [land] <amount> Description: Deposit money to land bank.
/lands edit <land> Description: Enter edit mode for a land. Actions like /lands claim will be executed for this land.
/lands info [land] Description: Show information about a land.
/lands invites Description: Open received invites GUI.
/lands leave <land> Description: Leave a land.
/lands map Description: Show lands map In chat.
/lands menu Description: Open Lands GUI. Append "here" to the command to open the GUI for the chunk you're standing in.
/lands menu here Description: Open Lands GUI for the chunk you're standing in.
/lands rename [land] <new name> Description: Rename land.
/lands selection Description: Select a region for actions like /lands claim. Use /lands selection expand to expand the selection to all y levels. Possible actions: /lands claim /lands unclaim /lands trust /lands untrust
/lands setrole <player> <area,*> <role> Description: Set a role of a player. The area parameter defines a sub area of the land.
/lands setspawn Description: Set spawn for land.
/lands spawn [land] Description: Teleport to land spawn.
/lands teleport <x> <z> Description: Teleport to a claimed land chunk.
/lands top Description: Show top ten lands.
/lands trust <player> [area,*] Description: Trust a player. Area parameter is optional.
/lands unclaim Description: Unclaim a chunk.
/lands unclaimall Description: Unclaim all chunks for the land.
/lands untrust <player> [area,*] Description: Untrust player. Area parameter is optional.
/lands view Description: Visualise land borders.
/lands withdraw [land] <amount> Description: Withdraw money from land bank.
/lands taxes Description: View upcoming tax payments.
/lands rent
/lands relations Description: Manage relations.
/lands confirmtp Description: Confirm unsafe destination.


/nations create Description: Create a nation.
/nations accept Description: Accept invite.
/nations delete Description: Delete nation.
/nations deny Description: Deny invite.
/nations leave Description: Leave nation.
/nations rename Description: Rename nation.
/nations menu Description: Open nation menu.
/nations setcapital Description: Set capital of nation.
/nations spawn Description: Teleport to nation spawn.
/nations trust Description: Add land.
/nations untrust Description: Remove land.
/nations relations Description: Manage relations.
/nations top Description: View top nations.


/wars declare Description: Declare war against a land or nation.
/wars deny Description: Deny mutual war declaration.
/wars info Description: Info about current war.
/wars menu Description: Open menu for current war.
/wars spawn Description: Teleport to the enemies border.