Prestige system

Reach Prestige level in a guild rank.

What is the Prestige System?

The prestige leveling system is aimed at giving big rewards to players that Prestige to a new level/tier. Each guild rank has 10 or more ranks to achieve, and after ranking up through them all, unlocking the ability to Prestige to the next tier. Prestiging to the next tier has two benefits, Prestige Perks and bragging rights!

What happens when you Prestige up?

Put it simply, You lose everything. At least everything related to Elite stuff.

Here is what gets reset...

  • Current guild rank is reset to 1 but +1 Prestige level

  • Foreign Gems will be reset to 0

  • All weapons and armor will lose their binding and drop

When you prestige you will no longer be able to use/equip your previous leveled gear under your new prestige level and will have to earn new leveled gear with your new prestige.

Example: if your current gear had Prestige 0 and level 50, and you prestige to level 1, all gear that is prestige 0 will not be able to be equipped or picked up.

What are the bonus perka of the Prestiging up?

Activating a new prestige level will unlock the following in differing amounts, based on prestige level and guild rank level:

  • Maximum health (starting from prestige 1)

  • Chance to crit (starting from prestige 2)

  • Chance to dodge (starting from prestige 3)

Additionally, you will gain more Foreign Gems per kill for each prestige tier you increase, but rank costs will also go up aswell.

For example:

A fully upgraded player can experience 120 max health (compared to the vanilla 20), 10% base chance to dodge, 10% base chance to crit and 15x currency multiplier.

These would be the perks for the maximum rank of Prestige 10 rank 20

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