The current ranks on the server, some are exclusive and some are earned.


This is the default rank on the server, it is given to everyone upon login in.


Ruby membership is our newest rank that bring a few extra benefits to a normal players permissions, this rank is aimed to be for a player that doesnt want the full benefits of Emerald but still wants access to /back and extra home locations.


Emerald Membership is our only paid rank on the server. This rank is a one off payment and grants extra benefits for helping the server. This includes...



Blocky Head!

Place any block on your head as a hat (/hat)

VIP status

Get a special VIP rank next to your name on the server - [VIP]

More land!

Gain an extra 15 chunks to claim giving you 60 total, (Default is 30)

More Plots!

Gain extra plots in creative, giving you a total of 10! (default 4)

MORE homes!

Set up-to 25 different home locations!

Event Extras

During advent calendar server events get extra goodies

VIP Access

When the server is full, we will still let you in

Discord rank

Get a special green Emerald rank !

Access to Emerald voice chat and streaming in General comms

Private Emerald chat with Moderators and Admin

Ability to use external Emojis and

upload images into General chat!

Ride Wild Pets

Right click any of the following mobs without a saddle for full WASD control

Cave Spider, Spider, Trader Llama, Cow/Mooshroom, Llama, Hoglin/Zoglin, PolarBear, Ravager, Pig, Sheep, Ghast, Snow Golem


Streamer is a special rank that is only given to a select few players. If you stream on Twitch or Youtube on the regular and would like to show off on the server, please let admin know in the Discord.


Developer is another special rank given to developers of plugins used on the server, if we use your plugin, please DM Adelando on Discord and talk about our Developer Rank.


Admin rank is given to the most trusting players on the server, These players have shown they are mature and respectful to everyone and are there to help new and old players.


Reserved for the one and only founder/owner of the server: Adelando

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