Auction House

Server wide Auction House that anyone can buy and sell in.

Accessible via /ah or Auctioneer NPC in spawn, Past the guild building.

Auction house is fully usable via the GUI interface allowing anyone to buy, sell, bid or auction any items they like for any cost easily!

You can quickly sell an item via /ah sell, which will bring up an interface to sell for a whole price or start an auction to allow bidding for the item.

All items listed or sold are announced in the Discord channel #auction-house

Blacklisted Items:

The only blacklisted items not able to be listed in the Auction House are solebound Elite items and armor pieces.

Whitisted specialty items:

Special items from individual systems can still be sold in the Auction house, Each system has their own Economy, but selling those items in the Auction house will grant Wallet Coins and not the systems own currency.

Specialty items include...

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